Friday, January 18, 2013

Post Numero Uno

For my longtime audience — that seems a humbler word than "fans" — the news that a big (literally) super-deluxe edition of my seminal comics work, Minimum Wage, is soon to be released should be very good news. This really will be THE edition to have. It's been reworked (I toyed with subtitling it The OCD Edition because I just can't help myself), will boast a very impressive guest "pinup" gallery (quotes because does anyone actually clip these out and pin them up? Not with a big hardcover, I don't imagine), a full-color section featuring all the original covers, sketchbook stuff and more.

And as I said, it's big. MAXIMUM MINIMUM WAGE is a whopping 9" X 12", finally giving the art some room to breathe. And the dialogue won't be eyestrainingly tiny. I'm excited! I'm also psyched to be working with Image Comics for the first time. Robert Kirkman, who used to send me fan mail back when he was just starting out (sending me issues of Battle Pope) is the man behind this new edition, which is flattering and cool. He also contributed an awesome, humbling, foreword.

I'll be using this blog to supplement the supplements, posting additional sketch stuff and thumbnails and all that. I'll also be offering some exclusive content come release time of the book, so stay tuned.


  1. Ha ha this will be probably the fourth version I will own. You tinker more than George Lucas, almost. But in your case, each new version is an improvement.

  2. I can't wait to pick this up! I hope that one day we will see more of Rob and Sylvia.

  3. Leif, I actually refer to what I do as Lucasing my work. But yes, I hope the results are better. I promise no digital dewbacks

  4. Please just one...Pleeeeease, I'm begging you! Just! One! Damn! Dewback!